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Why Choose us?

Most importantly, we are delighted to report that, with our customers' health in mind, we are constantly working to provide the best products from our end.

Direct From Farm

To ensure the quality and naturalness of our Millets, we obtain them straight from the farm on a regular basis for our online consumers.

Completly 100% Fresh & Organic

Our consumers can choose from only unpolished and natural millets. Millets we sell are all-natural, chemical-free, and have all of the nutrients they need.

Fast Delivery

Millets are cleaned, processed, and stored in airtight containers to keep them fresh and will be delivered to our customers within a few days.

Safe & Secure

We take extra precautions when packing the products to ensure that they are not damaged.

Get 10% off on Millets

Shop our selection of organic Millets in a discounted price. 10% off on all Millets.

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Get Farm fresh Millets

Shop & get our selection of farm fresh organic Millets in a discounted price.

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Pure Cow Ghee 1000ML

Rs 1200Rs 1500

Whats Customer Saying?

We value our clients, their needs, and opinions at Khetidana. We provide a wide range of high-quality items. We've had the good fortune of working with a diverse group of clients.


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Pure Cow Ghee 1000ML

Rs1200 Rs 1500

Pure Cow Ghee 500ml

Rs640 Rs 799